A longtime San Francisco resident, I still feel like a tourist. I'm always admiring the old buildings, colorful storefronts, and the weird, wonderful people that fill the streets here. Through my art, I attempt to preserve the often overlooked corners of this ever-changing city. 


"Foxy Chef"

I was hired to do this illustration as a surprise anniversary present for a wife who loves to bake. 

"450 El Camino Del Mar"

A portrait of a childhood home in San Francisco, California. Medium: watercolor pencil and ink on paper. 

"Emily & the Magical Library"

This children's book by Paul Rest contains 40+ full-page watercolor illustrations. This engaging book follows Emily as she discovers the secrets inside her father's magical library - and she's in for some surprises. 
"Nightbirds" Music Video

Working with videographer Glen Kinion, I illustrated this video for singer-songwriter Mike Rufo.